When The Dow Breaks


Our credit rating was just downgraded. the markets are tanking, unemployment is at 16% (article), 401K’s are disappearing, gasoline averages $4.00 per gallon, grocery prices are soaring…and Obama is headed to Martha’s Vineyard for a vacation. A vacation from what? Playing golf and attending fundraisers?

I suppose Obama’s excuse for continuing to do nothing is that he is awaiting the findings and recommendations of the so-called “Super Committee.” A super waste of time if you ask me. Republican Paul Ryan, the man with the economic plan, doesn’t want any part of the committee. That in and of itself speaks volumes. It is nothing but a dog and pony show.

If they insist on a committee, then assemble a committee of business people, not bureaucrats. If Obama was really interested in saving the economy and creating jobs, he would let the private sector in on the conversation. What does John  Kerry Heinz know about running a business or creating jobs? He married his money. A few days ago he was blaming the downgrade on the Tea Party and advising the media not to listen to them. I can’t wait to hear his recommendations. Put Herman Cain on the committee and Donald Trump and Steve Wynn…people that understand the economy and know how businesses operate. A bunch of bickering bureaucrats who care more about their political futures than the future of our country is not the answer.

If Obama does not want to be part of the solution, then he is part of the problem. In the words of the CEO of a once great car company; lead, follow, or get out of the way. – Lew –


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