“Let Them Eat Peas”

obamapeas“Eat your peas.” That is Obama’s advice to Americans who are suffering because of his incompetence and utter failure as president to deal with the faltering economy. I’m flashing back to Jimmy Carter and his sage advice to the American people when his economy was in the tank…“wear a sweater.”

Perhaps, as suggested by some, this is Jimmy Carter’s second term. The problem is we don’t have Ronald Reagan to save us this time around. Another problem we have is that the Republicans apparently learned nothing from Reagan. You beat Obama the same way Reagan beat Carter…with conservative ideas and ideals. But is there a candidate up to the task?

Michele Bachmann seems to be the only candidate in the running with true conservative credentials. Sarah Palin, while not officially a candidate, has the creds. Huntsman? Maybe. My advice? If you are a conservative, then be a conservative. Don’t get wishy-washy in hopes that the media will say nice things about you. They are going to crucify you in the end anyway. Ignore them. Be yourself, be conservative. Conservative values are American values.

The Republican Party does not have a good track record when it comes to conservative candidates however. They did, after all, run Dole against Clinton and McCain against Obama. I liked Bob Dole…though signing on as spokesman for erectile dysfunction after losing to Clinton seemed a bit to on the money. And McCain, well, was McCain. I’m still not sure what side of the fence he grazes on. Hopefully the party learned their lesson and won’t shoot themselves…and us…in the foot again. –Lew-


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