The Left: Unplugged

unpluggedOn his MSNBC program Hardball, Chris Matthews said President Obama’s Hawaiian residency was “the first thing” he thought of after hearing of the death and devastation in Japan . He then opined that the disaster was an “excellent opportunity” for Obama to reiterate that he was born in Hawaii . Matthews added that it was “pathetic” that his president had to keep proving that he was “one of us.” NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd, with whom Matthews was speaking, remarked that yet another disaster had been “dropped in Obama’s lap.” Hundreds of people are dead, thousands are missing, cities have been destroyed…and Matthews and Todd are concerned about how it effects Obama.

And just how did the death and destruction in Japan effect Obama? Saturday morning after telling the people of Japan that his support for them was “unshakable” (seriously, that’s what he said), he recorded his weekly radio address where he droned on about the Paycheck Fairness Act. He then headed to Andrews Air Force base for 18 holes of golf. On Saturday evening he attended a white-tie banquet where he yukked it up with his pals in the media. On Tuesday, while the people of Japan were struggling with a disaster nearing Biblical proportions, Obama went to ESPN to fill out his NCAA bracket.

This week, with 15,00,000 Americans out of work, gas prices rising, food prices soaring, the Nikkei crashing and U.S. stocks sinking, Obama heads to Latin America for five days of fun in the sun. And Obama thinks it would be easier being the president of China. ¿Dónde están los sanitarios?

Apparently, Obama and his pals have pulled the plug on reality. – Lew –


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