Senator Blumenthal’s Fuzzy Facts

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that The Hartford Courant isn’t covering the story about newly elected senator Richard Blumenthal getting caught in yet another big, fat lie. Now Blumenthal is claiming that he “fought this battle” for legalized abortion while he was clerking for Justice Blackmun “in the days of Roe v. Wade.” The only problem is Roe v. Wade was 1973 and Blumenthal clerked for Blackmun in 1974.

Perhaps this lie is not as heinous as his lies about serving in Vietnam, but he is a United States senator and a lie is still a lie. The Hartford Courant was instrumental in getting Blumenthal elected and helping then Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz deflect charges of voter fraud in Bridgeport. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that the paper would prefer the citizens of Connecticut not know about the freshman senator’s latest fabrications. Or perhaps they are just waiting for the “official” lie from Blumenthal’s office before printing an article in his defense.

I think Senator Blumenthal is a serial liar and the Hartford Courant is his enabler. The bottom line is that the Courant supported a candidate of questionable character and apparently is willing to go to the mat for him. Thomas Green would be so proud.  – Lew –


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