For Obama, It’s All About Obama

Excerpt from “Obama’s Foxy Evasions” by Jan LaRue. You can read the entire article on “American Thinker.”


When asked what is the "absolute worst part of being president," Obama’s self-absorption was evident:

O’REILLY: Okay. Worst part of this job? What’s the worst, absolute worst part of being president of the United States?
OBAMA: Worst part of the job is, first of all, I’ve got a jacket on Super Bowl Sunday.
O’REILLY: That’s true.
OBAMA: If I wasn’t president, that would not be happening.
O’REILLY: I have a tie. You don’t have a tie.
OBAMA: The biggest problem for me is being in the bubble. It’s very hard to escape. You know, you can’t go to the corner ….
O’REILLY: Everybody watching every move you make.
OBAMA: Every move you make. And you – over time, you know, what happens is you feel like – that you’re not able to just have a spontaneous conversation with folks.

OBAMA: And that’s a loss. That’s a big loss.

Most presidents say that sending America’s soldiers into harm’s way is the worst part of being president, not the loss of their personal comfort zone.

In his book, An American Life, President Reagan recounts telling a group of children: "As I’ve said, the hardest part of the job was having to send young men and women into situations of danger and then having to tell the families of some why they weren’t coming back."

Every president has experienced the discomfort of "being in the bubble."  For Obama, it’s all about him.


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