Running On Empty

burningautoGeneral Electric wants to lead America into the future with it’s green technology. Hmm, interesting. About a year ago, I bought a G.E. coffee maker. Shortly thereafter, I learned that the appliance had been recalled because of a possible fire hazard. Apparently it could burst into flames, even when shut off. The drip coffee maker has been in production and use for about 40 years, yet G.E. still hasn’t got a handle on the nearly half century old technology. G.E.  cannot manufacture a relatively simple appliance that doesn’t spontaneously combust, yet they want to build electric docking stations for the Obama’s Government Motors “Volt.” Tip: Keep a fire extinguisher with an ABC rating on hand. Happy motoring! – Lew –


The Ant And The Grasshopper Revisited

I was going to write a piece comparing the fabled ant (taxpayer) to the fabled grasshopper (unions, big government, liberal politicians) but I ran across one on another blog that is far better than anything I could have written. Follow this link and check it out. Enjoy! – Lew –

Fire Them All

What is my perspective on the union protests in Wisconsin?

I see teachers who care more about money than about teaching or about their student’s education. I see teachers (and anarchists and socialists bussed in by organizers of the event) carrying hateful signs  comparing the Wisconsin governor to Hitler and Mubarak (the teachers should crack open a history book.) I see teachers carrying signs depicting the governor in the cross hairs with the words “time to reload” printed above it (perhaps the teachers have forgotten Columbine and the recent shootings in Tucson.)

What I see on display in Wisconsin is greed and hate. If I were the governor, I would bust the union wide open. Fire the striking teachers and immediately start hiring non-union teachers to take their place. The kids, the schools, the state and the country would be better off without these bums. – Lew –

Unions: A Professor Emeritus of Economics View

Are labor unions ever at fault? Didn’t they nearly destroy GM? No? Oh, I see, you think it was the greedy fat cats that bankrupted the automobile manufacturer. Really? Read George Reisman’s opinion here; Where Would General Motors Be Without The United Automobile Workers Union? You can read more of George Riesman’s commentaries on his blog. Enjoy! – Lew –

Quote of the Week

The Declaration of Independence was not a protest against government, but against the excess of government. It prescribed the proper role of government, to secure the rights of individuals and to effect their safety and happiness. In modern society, no individual can do this alone. So government is not a necessary evil but a necessary good. – President Gerald Ford, July 4, 1976 –