Memorial Service, Pep Rally, Or Campaign Stop?


I don’t know what to make of the memorial service held in Tucson, AZ on Wednesday night. Where I come from, memorial services are solemn, reverent and respectful occasions. The crowd gathered at the U of A campus in Tucson sounded all the world like they were cheering on their team at a U of A/ASU football game. It was inappropriate at best. To me, the listener, the whooping, hollering and cheering seemed to be disconnected and non-spontaneous.

And then there was the tee-shirts. Someone was distributing blue tee-shirts with the slogan “Together We Thrive” emblazoned across them. I wasn’t sure if I was watching a memorial service, a pep rally, or a campaign event. The Paul Wellstone fiasco came to mind. The whole spectacle made me uncomfortable.

As for Obama, he read all of the right words and despite being interrupted by the raucous crowd some 57 times, he never lost his place on the teleprompter. He was his usual vacuous self.

May God help us all. – Lew –


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