Who’s The Real Dummy?

dunham1More evidence that Joy Behar is a blithering idiot isn’t actually necessary…but what the hell, it’s fun, so here goes.

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham appeared on Behar’s show recently to plug his new book “All By My Selves.” Dunham’s main characters include Peanut, Walter, and Achmed, the dead terrorist. The three are pictured on the left as they appear on the cover of the book.

So Dunham is talking about the book and the character of Achmed, the dead terrorist when Behar picks up the book and looks at the jacket and asks, “Which one is Achmed?”

Pop quiz; look at the three pictures on the left and try to identify Achmed, the dead terrorist. Is it; a.) the grumpy looking old guy? b.) the purple dude with the yellow hair? or c.) the skeleton with the beard wearing the turban?

I am sure Ms. Behar was simply illustrating how spiritually enlightened she is by not being able to identify the skeleton in the turban as Achmed, the dead terrorist. Frankly, she simply  illustrated that she is a bigger dummy then Peanut, Walter, or Achmed. Perhaps she should apply for a job at the TSA.

Note: If you haven’t seen Jeff Dunham and Achmed, the dead terrorist, check it out.


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