Bi-Partisanship? Lest We Forget

pelosi1Upon winning re-election, Harry Reid proclaimed that the American people want bi-partisanship. It’s funny…when the Republicans take control, Harry Reid and the Democrats always become concerned with the American people and bi-partisanship.

When Nancy Pelosi was parading around Washington carrying a gavel large enough to drive circus tent stakes and crowing about passing a healthcare bill that no one had read, no one understand and that the majority of Americans did not want, bi-partisanship was the farthest thing from their minds. In fact, Democrats ignored calls for bi-partisanship and compromise and shoved the foundation of Obama’s new social welfare state down our throats. 

Oh, but the tide has turned and Queen Nancy has had that gavel yanked from her cold, bony fingers and Crypt Keeper Reid’s death grip on the Senate has been significantly diminished. What is a good progressive/socialist democrat to do? Start sniveling about bi-partisanship and pretend that you actually care about those people you called stupid, hee-hawing, hillbilly rednecks just a few months ago.

Oh, I know that the core of that rotten, fetid, cancerous tumor is still throbbing away in Washington in the form of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer and Frank…but we have cut off it’s blood supply. Soon it will shrivel and die and it’s blackened husk will drop off into the sewer and be flushed back to whence it came. Bi-partisanship? Kiss my Scotch/Irish ass.


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