Pelosi vs. Reality

Nancy Pelosi is calling for an investigation into the opposition of the Ground Zero mosque. She wants to know how the opposition is being “ginned up.” This is the woman who called the Tea Party an “Astro-Turf” movement. She is not only out of touch with the people, she is out of touch with reality.


No Mosque Today…

I know, I know….I have been on a rant lately about the mosque at Ground Zero. But today I want to write about something blog related. I just started using Windows Live Writer to post to my blog here at and I have to tell you, I love it. Up until now I have been using my word processor  to write my rants. Then I would log on to my blog, copy and paste my material, upload an image if needed, preview my post, and finally publish it to my page. With Windows Writer, I write my rant, hit preview, hit publish and I’m done…all from my desktop. I can’t say enough good things about Writer. If you blog here at, try it out.  -Lew-

Chairman Dunn Goes On Defense


Anita Dunn, who stated that her favorite political philosopher was Chairman Mao, is attacking Republicans stating that they are “solidifying their reputation for intolerance” by not supporting the construction of a  mosque at Ground Zero. Apparently Ms. Dunn is unaware that there are over 100 mosques in the greater New York City area. I guess I missed the media coverage of the intolerant Republicans opposing the construction of those. More later. –Lew-

The Obama Oblique

It comes as no surprise that Obama has now stated publicly that he supports the building of a mosque at Ground Zero. Speaking to Muslim leaders gathered at the White House to celebrate Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, Obama stated that Muslims have the “right” to build a place of worship on private property in lower Manhattan. The president thinks they have a “right” to build a mosque on the site of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil? What about the rights of those that were murdered by Muslim terrorists on September 11, 2001? What rights did the Muslim terrorists show the passengers aboard the two jetliners that slammed into the World Trade Center?

Okay, I get it, we are a country that embraces religious freedom and tolerance. But this is not a question of religious freedom or tolerance. This is about symbolism. Does Obama not see the symbolic significance of building a mosque on the graves of those that were murdered in the name of the Islamic religion on September 11, 2001? Does Obama not see the symbolic significance of opening the mosque on September 11, 2012…eleven years after the attack?

There are over 100 mosques in New York City. How can the president accuse Americans, New Yorkers in particular, of being intolerant of the Islamic faith? I’m sorry, folks, but Obama has this one dead wrong. Obama is not asking us to be tolerant…he is asking us to submit and surrender. -Lew-

Ground Zero Hour

According to, a phobia is “a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.”

John L. Esposito, professor of religion and international affairs and director of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University, insists that those opposed to a mega-mosque near Ground Zero are suffering from “Islamophobia.” I admit it…I do have a fear of radical Islamic terrorists flying jet airliners loaded with passengers into skyscrapers. But it is not an irrational fear…it is based on the all to real events of September 11, 2001.

Perhaps the Muslim-friendly Obama administration and the tolerant and open-minded Mayor Bloomberg are willing to forget 9/11, but I am not. I will never forget what happened that day. And it is not anti-Muslim bigotry that fuels the flames of my contempt. It is that band of murdering, gutless cowards who killed thousands of innocent people on that September morning that fires me up. I could give a damn what religion they were.

Now they want to erect a mega-Mosque in what would have been the shadow of the World Trade Center towers? The fact that they don’t see why Americans have a problem with that speaks volumes. Go ahead and build your $100 million, thirteen story Cordoba House. Just don’t build it over the graves of those that were butchered by Islamic terrorists. -Lew-