It’s an environmental disaster, where’s Mary Hart?

One of Obama’s daughters supposedly asked her father, “Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?” I can only assume she was referring to the oil rig leak. If George W. Bush went to a fundraiser for a prominent conservative right after Hurricane Katrina or the Sept. 11 attacks, the press would have crucified him. Instead, with Obama,  we get a cutesy story about one of his daughters saying the darnedest thing. Obama is going on “retreats,” schmoozing with sports teams, attending fundraisers…life’s just been a cabaret for The Kingfish.

And what’s with running the Director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, down to the Gulf to survey the damage? Shouldn’t she be concentrating on terrorism, dirty bombs, hijackings and the like? She was in a helicopter hovering over Rhode Island not long ago looking at a swelled stream after a heavy rain. Meanwhile illegal aliens, drug runners, terrorists, and criminals of all nature are pouring across our southern border unimpeded. If, God forbid, we have a terrorist attack, will Obama send Lisa Jackson of the EPA to survey the scene? To “Team Obama,” department administrators and directors are just window dressing. I can imagine Rahm Emanuel saying to Napolitano, “Don’t worry your pretty little head about that nasty ol’ terrorism, Janet…we’ll take care of it. I want you to go to Rhode Island and look at a pretty river”

Even Congress has been made irrelevant. The czars are the stars in this administration. The dreaded czars, unelected officials accountable to no one but The Kingfish. Meanwhile the press does stories about what the Obama’s had for dinner or who designed the dress Michelle was wearing. It is no longer a press corps, it’s Entertainment Tonight.

Their hero, Edward R. Murrow, would be so proud.


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